Ang Cao

I am a forth-year Ph.D. student (2020-) in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, supervised by Prof. Justin Johnson. I have spent wonderful years in computer vision group @ Michigan. Before that, I was a M.S. Student at UMich ECE (2018-2020) and I did my Bachelor's degree at Wuhan University in China (2014-2018). I am honored to collaborate with Prof. Andrew Owens.

My primary interest is computer vision and machine learning, especially 3D vision. In particularly, I am exploring to empower 3D/4D vision with 2D information. I love fun research.

I had an amazing time as research scientist intern at Facebook AI Research~(FAIR) GenAI, Meta, London 2023 May-Nov., very fortunately working with David Novotny and Andrea Vedaldi.

I am actively looking for internships in 2024 Summer. Feel free to contact me!

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Isaac Newton's apple tree, Apple and me, 2023, Cambridge, UK.


* indicates joint authorship

Text2Room: Extracting Textured 3D Meshes from 2D Text-to-Image Models
Lukas Höllein *, Ang Cao *, Andrew Owens, Justin Johnson, Matthias Nießner
ICCV, Oral , 2023
project page/ arXvi/ video/ code

We generate meshes of full 3D rooms using text-to-image models.

HexPlane: A Fast Representation for Dynamic Scenes
Ang Cao, Justin Johnson
CVPR, 2023
project page/ arXvi/ video/ code

An elegant representation for dynamic 3D scenes using six feature planes.

FWD: Real-time Novel View Synthesis with Forward Warping and Depth
Ang Cao, Chris Rockwell, Justin Johnson
CVPR, 2022
project page / arXiv / video / code /

A generalizable novel view synthesis method with sparse inputs, which gives high-quality synthesis in real-time.

Inverting and Understanding Object Detectors
Ang Cao, Justin Johnson
Tech report, 2021
arXiv / code /

Revealing intriguing properties of detectors by applying our layout inversion technique.

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